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White Shoe Theory

When Brett isn’t on tour, out on the cricket field, or designing for his own clothing label, there’s a good chance he’ll be working on his music. Brett has a passion for music and he has previously had success in India and South Africa with a chart topping duet with Indian Bollywood singer Asha Bhosle.

Over the past few years Brett and long time friend singer/songwriter Mick Vawdon have been working hard behind the scenes, writing and recording their own brand of music. Together, they have formed a band, White Shoe Theory.

White Shoe Theory has developed a popular mainstream rock sound with a growing collection of guitar driven songs, highlighted by strong vocal melody and harmonies. With Mick predominantly on lead vocals and guitars, and Brett on bass guitar, harmonies, and even piano at times, the duo have a characteristic sound and aim to acquire an international audience.

Although Sydney, Australia, is home, the guys have spent a lot of time in India, and definitely plan to take their music to the subcontinent as soon as possible.

The name, “White Shoe Theory” came about purely by accident.

The guys were in a pub trying to create a band name and noticed that there were practically the only people in the bar who weren’t wearing white shoes. It was a bit of a joke at first, however the name stuck.

An album is currently being recorded in Sydney, and videos being filmed both in Australia and India. Release is not expected to be too far away…

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White Shoe Theory is not Brett’s first success in music. Brett’s former band Six&Out were comprised of Brett, his brother Shane and fellow NSW cricketing team mates Richard Chee Quee, Brad McNamara and Gavin Robertson. Brett and Shane’s younger brother, Grant, occasionally joins them when he’s available.

The band released a self-titled album, as well as a stand alone EP, Bring It On.

Six&Out’s music is mainly of the Rock genre, but they have displayed some talent in other genres too.

In the band, Brett plays the bass guitar as well as contributes vocals. Brett is also an accomplished pianist. While other members on the Australian cricket team prefer a round of golf, Brett often chooses to relax on tour by playing music.


Download Six&Out’s Music and Lyrics
The following Six & Out songs are in .m4a format and you will need the QuickTime Media Player to play them.

  1. Totally Average Band: Download Song
  2. Cyclone Sally: Download Song | Song Lyrics
  3. Can’t Bowl, Can’t Throw: Download Song | Song Lyrics
  4. Has Been: Download Song
  5. Not Happy Jan: Download Song
  6. Bring It On: Download Song
  7. The Gambler: Download Song
  8. Howzat: Download Song | Song Lyrics
  9. Eagle Rock: Download Song | Song Lyrics
  10. Dumb Things: Download Song | Song Lyrics
  11. Eleven: Song Lyrics
  12. Going Away: Song Lyrics
  13. I’ve Been Dropped: Song Lyrics
  14. It’s Over: Song Lyrics
  15. Just Keep Walking: Song Lyrics
  16. Psycho Killer: Song Lyrics
  17. The Nips Are Getting Bigger: Song Lyrics

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You Are the One For Me (with Asha Bhosle)

Brett Lee has up with Hindi singer Asha Bhosle in a music video that hit number four on the Indian charts in its first week. Lee plays the part of a blond Westerner attempting to win the heart of a Hindi speaking young woman in her office, singing and playing accoustic guitar. 74 year old Asha translates his English into Hindi and then teaches him to speak and sing Hindi himself.